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SDG 11- Sustainable Cities and Communities- Ted talks

The above Youtube video puts together the highlights of 5 excellent TED talks on SDG 11 – Sustainable Cities and Communities. The links to the full TED talks are as follows:

The common understanding among these speakers is that the world’s problems like poverty and global warming are problems created by cities, especially those that grow too rapidly.

I want to share this Youtube video because the place where I live in, Tokyo, despite its safety and punctual trains, has few assets for community building. Nearly all public spaces where people can go to to meet other people have been taken over for housing and commercial buildings. The malls are almost the only public places left where people can gather freely. However, these are not places for spending a quiet day. Houses are too small to invite guests, only very close family and friends. So people meet in restaurants, cafes or on the street. Although many people live in Tokyo, many of them spend almost all their time working in the office, commuting and then go home only to login to their favorite SNS, clean up and sleep.

I have been reading up about SDG 11 in the hope that I can find something I can do to help improve cities and urban living. This is a topic that I plan to share more information through this blog.

Goodnight !